Originally presented by Shay at NCAA Final Four Coaches' Convention

The 4 C's to Consistent Confidence On and Off the Court

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"If you have been to the Art of Coaching Volleyball Clinics, Gold Medal Squared Clinics, or any other clinics, you will get the most out of Shay's High Performance Coaching Academy" -- Nabil Mardini 2x AVCA 2 Year Coach of the Year

Meet Shay

Shay is passionate about personal growth and thrives on seeing others increase confidence and acheive goals. Shay continually studies the best ways to engage the brain for reaching sustainable levels of success beyond the standard norms.

Shay is a former NCAA Divison I volleyball head coach and uses her sport and leadership background to engage leaders, athletes, and people who want more, to higher levels of enjoyment, success, and satisfaction.

Shay studied with Brendon Burchard to become a Certified High Performance Coach so she can teach the habits necessary to take her clients and groups to another level of success beyond what they are currently enjoying no matter the starting point.

Shay has presented nearly 100 leadership workshops, coaching clinics, volleyball team camps and mindset bootcamps for coaches and student athletes at the club, high school and college level as well as for businesses and organizations with international audiences from Los Angeles to Boston.

Participants have called their experience with Shay “game-changing” as well as “energizing & powerful”.

Work one on one with Shay through the 12 week High Performance Coaching course to develop the habits that can get you to a place where you are consistently enjoying sustained levels of joy, confidence and accomplishment. Or customize a dynamic experience for your team that will take their game to the next level whether in the boardroom or on the court!

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"Shay’s program had an immediate impact on our team. Our athletes at Pepperdine had an experience they will not soon forget."
– Troy Tanner, Olympic Gold Medalist, Former Head Volleyball  Coach Pepperdine
"Shay spent just two energizing and powerful hours with our Creative team. It was an experience worth every minute away from our desks. Now I want her to come back and work with the whole company!"
–Brad Stauffer, Vice President, Creative and Product Development, BrownTrout

PROGRAMS with Shay Goulding Meurer

High Performance Coaching Call --FREE

There is a part of you that knows you are destined for more-- that there is a place of fulfillment and greatness just beyond where you currenty are. Certified High Performance Coaching is a process created to explore all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. As a Certified Coach, I will work with you to achieve new and empowering levels of CLARITY, ENERGY, COURAGE, PRODUCTIVITY, and INFLUENCE.    

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Volleyball Coaching Academy Online Course

As a coach, your time on the court is limited and precious. In this 8 part course I will walk you through proven and research backed systems for everything from how to create a more competitive culture in your gym to how to know exactly what you should be spending the most time practicing and WHY. Are you ready to get more out of you and your team?  Let's go!

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Leadership and Mindset Bootcamps

IMPORTANT!!!  This is NOT just for volleyball!  This is for any businesss or athletic team or any group that works as a team.  I have worked with basketball teams, softball teams, baseball teams, swim teams, cheer squads, community organizations, church groups, women's groups and small businesses. I always work to customize each experience so it is tailored specifically to the needs of your group and the specific outcomes you desire to achieve.  

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BOOKS by Shay Goulding Meurer

From Skill Set to Mindset

8 Must Have Systems for Volleyball Coaches to Build Confidence and Win

This coaching handbook is an invaluable resource you will use for years to come. Full of tips, strategies, systems and over 50 drills that you can take home and use right away!

"Read this book and you will not only come away a better technical coach; but perhaps more importantly, you'll be a better teacher, leader and inspiration to your athletes." -- Chris McGown (Gold Medal Squared)

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